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Waging Peace: A Year in the Life of Caledonia Junior High (Educational Version)

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At Caledonia Junior High--like at so many schools--students and teachers live in an environment of disrespect and potential danger. Enter Edy Guy-François, Caledonia's fifth principal in four years.

At first, Edy despairs. Then, drawing on her own experience as a kid headed for trouble, she resolves to save the school. Tough and uncompromising, Edy tempers her discipline with compassion. She comes down hard on kids who break the rules but also encourages a new peer mediation program, institutes monthly dances and celebrates with a wild winter carnival.The results are tangible and nearly immediate. And then budget cuts threaten the gains.

Waging Peace looks beyond the sensational headlines on school violence to offer real solutions. The film shows the hard work that goes into turning a troubled school around. It lets us know how students really see school and demonstrates the positive effects of trusting teens and giving them some responsibility.

2001, 71 min 39 s

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