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First Nations, the Circle Unbroken - Broadcast Version - Video 6

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Twenty-three short programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on seven videocassettes. The accompanying teacher's guides provide context, background on the issues, discussion questions and activities. Video 6 contains: Laxwesa Wa, Strength of the River: Fishing on the Fraser River: (21 min.) Ages 9 to adult. The stó:lò, like other First Nations along the Fraser River in British Columbia, have fished for salmon for thousands of years and their cultures are economically, culturally and spiritually interconnected with the salmon. Laxwesa Wa, Strength of the River: Fishing on the Coast: (24 min.) Ages 9 to adult. The Nimpkish River on the West Coast of British Columbia was once the third largest source of sockey and the site of an historic fishery for the 'Namgis people until commercialization and logging threatened to destroy the fish runs forever. Today, the Nimpkish fishery is being revived. Farther up the coast, the Heiltsuk people are developing their traditional roe fishery into a profitable export business. Blockade: Who Owns the Land?: (27 min.) Ages 11 to adult. The traditional territory of the Gitxan and Wet'suwet'en covers 58,000 square kilometres of forests, rivers and mountains in northern British Columbia. Beginning in 1987, they launched an historic court case to gain recognition of their title and pursued it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

1998, 73 min 14 s