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First Nations, the Circle Unbroken - Broadcast Version - Video 7

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Twenty-three short programs about current issues, cultural identity, and relations between First Nations and Canada, compiled on seven videocassettes. The accompanying teacher's guides provide context, background on the issues, discussion questions and activities. Video 7 contains: Coppermine: (26 min.) Ages 13 to adult. Government policies in the 1930s first undermined the strength of Inuit communities in the North and then allowed a tuberculosis epidemic to devastate the people. For Angela: (26 min.) Ages 9 to adult. This drama, filmed in Winnipeg, is based on a real story. When three boys harass Rhonda and her daughter Angela, Rhonda finds the courage and determination to take a stand against ignorance and prejudice. Lord of the Sky: (14 min.) Ages 9 to adult. This short animation by non-native directors appears to be a traditional story about a courageous young aboriginal boy who saves his community from calamity. But on closer examination, the story includes many images and ideas rooted in European myths and traditions--which raises questions about how cultural perspectives and stereotypes may shape or distort a story.

1998, 67 min 28 s