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Shining Mountains - DVD Set / Au coeur des Rocheuses - Ensemble DVD

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Majestic and inspiring, the Rocky Mountains rise dramatically to divide the continent and define the past, present and future of North America. The Shining Mountains is a documentary series of four one-hour films, shot over four seasons, produced for History Television and National Geographic.

Journey through time in a quest to understand and celebrate the unique ecological mosaic of the Rockies. Weaving back and forth, from present to the past, Shining Mountains explores the natural wonders, cultural heritage and future of the Rockies in a well-paced and sometimes controversial composite of vision. Today's foremost thinkers and elders speak to their care and concerns for the environment. Shining Mountains draws on narrative from scientists, adventurers, aboriginal elders, resource managers, conservationists and developers, all of whom are under the spell of the Great Divide.

2005, 188 min

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