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Between Two Notes

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Indeed, what do Cairo, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Damascus and Aleppo have in common? Beyond the conflicts that continue to rock the Middle East, these cities share a common heritage: that of classical Arab music. Filmmaker Florence Strauss sets out from Paris in search of the roots of this timeless art, while uncovering a partially unknown and hidden aspect of her own heritage. Out of the void and absence rises the moving voice of catharsis. It is a double quest that is filled with a variety of encounters - a road movie that pays tribute to the musicians and poets who, through their art, embody and perpetuate a part of Middle Eastern history. An ode in praise of cultural fusion and the acceptance of otherness, the film celebrates the sensuousness and generosity of a land once associated with the Garden of Eden. Between Two Notes is, above all, music from the heart. With a thousand and one nuances, it conveys the history of our humanity in all its complexity.

2006, 84 min 43 s

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Award for Best News Item
FIFA / International Festival of Films on Art
March 8 to 18 2007, Montréal - Canada