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Norman McLaren - The Master's Edition/Norman McLaren - L'intégrale

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The National Film Board of Canada is proud to offer unparalleled access to the incomparable work of Norman McLaren with a box set of seven DVDs, bringing together the complete works of Canada's best known filmmaker. From his initial experiments in Scotland in 1933 to his final NFB film in 1983, the films form an extraordinary body of work remarkable for its inventiveness, research and humanism. A master of experimental film, influenced by surrealism, and passionate about dance and music, McLaren was a complex artist whose filmography is both prolific and brilliant.

Rediscover classics like Begone Dull Care (1949), Neighbours (1952), Blinkity Blank (1955), Rythmetic (1956), A Chairy Tale (1957), Le merle (1958), Pas de deux (1968) and Synchromy (1971).

2006, 875 min 25 s

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