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The Idealist - James Beveridge, Film Guru

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Filmmaker, activist, artist, idealist - James Beveridge was, before all, a teacher. He was also a husband and a father - my father - though a father I rarely saw and, as I'm finding, knew even less.

Over 50 years, he produced over 150 documentary films. He worked in Europe, India, the United States, Japan and Canada where he founded the graduate program in Film Studies at York University.

My journey of discovery takes me throughout North America and India, following my father's footsteps. Testimonials of world-renowned filmmakers, musicians and artists weave together the story of a complex Canadian filmmaker. Excerpts from his films and personal letters, photographs, clips from his Canadian AM movie reviews, and voice-overs from his personal audiotapes, complete the portrait.

2005, 67 min 45 s