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The Refugees of the Blue Planet

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Each year, millions of people the world over are driven to forced displacement. From the Maldives to Brazil, and even closer to home, here in Canada, the disturbing accounts of people who have been uprooted are amazingly similar. The enormous pressure placed on rural populations as a result of the degradation of their life-supporting environment is driving them increasingly further from their way of life. The Refugees of the Blue Planet sheds light on the little-known plight of a category of individuals who are suffering the repercussions of this reality: environmental refugees. They are constantly growing in number and often have no legal status, even though their right to a clean and sustainable environment has been violated. In French with English subtitles.

2006, 53 min 09 s

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Hélène Choquette for best research
Prix Gémeaux
September 9 2007, Montréal - Canada

Best Canadian Long Form Film Award
Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival
November 1 to 5 2006, Toronto - Canada

Award from the Youth Jury - Category: Humanitarian
CineEco - International Environmental film & Video Festival
October 20 to 29 2006, Lisbon - Portugal

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