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Duhamel - DVD

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Duhamel seamlessly blends action, emotion and reason as it spotlights the life, career and exploits of Miguel Duhamel. Though hardly a household name, this Quebec champion is admired and respected in motorcycle racing circles worldwide thanks to his explosive talent and fierce determination. The son of another great champion, Yvon Duhamel, Miguel lives his life on the razor's edge. As his superbike tears along the track at 320 km/h, his only protection is the thin leather billboard hugging his body and the full-face helmet masking the look of sheer intensity on his face. Combining spectacular racing images and family footage, director Stéphan Gravel delivers a gripping portrait of a renowned champion and an enlightened look at a fascinating sport. Discover a man driven by fate, powerful resolve, and a love of speed. In French with English subtitles.

2006, 46 min

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