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Sharia in Canada - 1st Part - Something to Fear?

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In December 2004, the Boyd Report recommended that Ontario authorize Islamic tribunals based on the sharia, a system of justice directly inspired by the Quran. In September 2005, however, Ontario Permier Dalton McGuinty banned all religious arbitration, whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian.

Over those 10 months, a heated debate played out across the country and revealed the contradictions of multiculturalism. Sharia in Canada, a documentary series in two episodes by Dominique Cardona, examines the key issues, draws on a cross-section of opinions, and, in particular, seeks out the views of Muslim women. the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees everyone equal protection under the law, including the 60,000 Muslim Canadians. As multiculturalism grows, Canada must respond to its new reality in ways that are fair to all citizens. In French with English subtitles.

2005, 44 min 03 s