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Reema, There and Back

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With a Canadian mother, who until recently was the only family she knew, and an Iraqi father who wants to get to know his daughter after a 16-year absence, young Reema is confronted with difficult questions about her identity. During Reema's two-month visit with her father in Jordan, director Paul Émile d'Entremont adopts the point of view of this sensitive and lively young girl who exhibits all the contradictions typical of someone her age.

When Reema returns home to Nova Scotia after a visit with her father, she realizes that she will always have a double identity, and that it is both a burden and a treasure. In French and English with subtitles.

2006, 52 min

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Golden Sheaf Award - Category: Best Multiculturalism
Yorkton Film Festival
May 24 to 27 2007, Yorkton - Canada