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Jean-Daniel Lafond: Truth and Controversy/Jean-Daniel Lafond : vérité et controverse

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In my exile, cinema was like a reassuring friend, enabling me to mark out my world with beacons, to get close to people and to intimacy, which might not have happened if I hadn't had a film to make. The cinema became my philosopher's staff. It enabled me to test my way through the unpredictability of travel and extend my roots out into the world, from St. Laurence River to the Seine, from Labrador to the edge of Patagonia, from Tehran to Port-au-Prince. Today, through six of my films, I invite you to share a point of view, a table, a reflection, an indignation, a torment, a moment of grace. In truth and controversy. Jean-Daniel Lafond.

This DVD set includes 3 DVDs, each including 2 Jean-Daniel Lafond films as well as interviews with the filmmaker discussing each film. Spotlighted are the stunning works A State of Blackness: Aimé Césaire's Way, Haiti in All Our Dreams, Dream Tracks, Last Call for Cuba, Freedom Outraged and Tropic North.


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