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Maple Syrup Farmer Swaps with Classical Indian Dancer

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Melanie (13) has spent every spring weekend she can remember helping out on her family's high volume maple syrup farm in Lanark County, ON. Her days are spent helping out in the forest, shop, processing plant and giving tours. In the evening, she and her two younger sisters like to step-dance to the tune of their granddad's fiddle. Amrit (14) of Richmond Hill, ON, is passionate about classical North Indian, or "Kathak" dance. Her Indian heritage is a major part of her life: from food, to music to dance.

The Swap: Melanie has little knowledge of East Indian culture and its various art forms. She enters the exotic world of "Kathak" dance and is challenged to learn a choreographed routine and perform as part of a showcase. Meanwhile, Amrit has her hands full on a farm for the first time. She'll experience a whole new appreciation for syrup through her challenges to snowshoe through the forest and tap a tree and prepare maple syrup the old fashioned way for tour guests.

2003, 24 min

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