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Medieval Arts Enthusiast Swaps with Newspaper Journalist

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Tiffany (14) is a reporter for the Toronto Star's weekly "tween" paper, Brand New Planet. To date, she has written a dozen articles ranging from opinion pieces, to product reviews to her latest trip to circus school! Carolyn (14) practices TaeKwonDo and is just getting her feet wet in stage combat - medieval style! Her medieval weapon of choice: the quarterstaff!

The Swap: Carolyn leaves her identical twin sister behind as she travels to Toronto to get a first hand look at the reporter life. She takes on the tasks of successfully pitching a story to her new editor, learning the art of the newspaper article and profiling a Toronto sportscaster. Will she survive the interview?

Meanwhile, Tiffany, an only child from the city, visits the small town of Elmira for the annual "Robin in the Hood" festival. She attempts sword fighting, archery and becoming a medieval character. Will she be able to keep up with her new "twin" in their choreographed fight for the festival goers?

2003, 24 min

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