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Kite Racer Swaps with Organic Farmer

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Mike is one of the world's youngest competitors involved in Traction Kiting. Having a dad who has won the world championship for kiting has definitely rubbed off on this cool 13-year old from Brantford, ON. Every weekend, Mike spends his time with his Dad going to the beach to fly several large two-lined kites. He also involves himself in activities such as Kite Buggying, Kite Land Boarding and Kite Sailing. To Mike a "good day" would depend on getting "good winds"!

Meanwhile, Caitlin John works and lives on an organic farm. While she gets to enjoy the benefits of open space, tranquility and gourmet cooking, Caitlin also has to do a lot of hard work! From planting to weeding, to harvesting and gourmet preparation, this 14-year old does it all.

The Swap: Watch as Caitlin tries out the extreme sports lifestyle, and is challenged to launch and land a two-line kite all by herself as well as master a kite buggy. On the flip side, Mike Dinsmore will spend his first day getting dirty in the fields and end off his swap by preparing his produce in a gourmet restaurant!

2003, 24 min

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