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Guide Dog Master Swaps with Radio Star

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Jesse is a boy from Sundridge, Ontario, with a special friend. His name is Fudge, and he's a golden lab who is specially trained to act as a guide dog for the blind. Jesse was born blind in his left eye, and due to a soccer accident several years ago, Jesse lost his sight in his right eye as well. Along with his community, Jesse worked to raise the money to purchase a guide dog and attend classes at the MIRA Foundation in Montreal. Now Jesse says he has "all the freedom in the world". Along with Fudge's assistance, Jesse can navigate to anywhere in this community and perform all regular chores on his large family-run farm. Jesse still plays sports, and is probably more active than your average 13 year-old boy. The best part about having a guide dog according to Jesse is that he "lives to love the dog and the dog lives to love me".

Meanwhile, Caileigh is the youngest broadcaster to host her own live-to-air Ontario radio show. Caileigh began hosting the show when she was just 13 years old! The show is called "The Caileigh Harper Show" and it airs on CJCS radio on Sundays. Caileigh began by producing radio shows through a volunteer broadcasting program that CJCS was hosting. Caileigh is well on her way towards her dream career of broadcast journalism, and says that there is no other way she would rather spend her weekends.

The Swap: Watch as Jesse and Fudge travel to the radio station and learn how to produce radio shows, learn voice training, and interview skills. As a final challenge, Jesse will get to host his own show - ironically something he has always wanted to do!

On the flip side, Caileigh will travel to Jesse's farm where she will meet up with Jesse's trainer from the MIRA Foundation as well as her own guide dog! Caileigh will learn how to train the dog, give out the different commands (in French!) and try her hand at basic navigation. On her final day, Caileigh will experience first hand the freedom her new friend can provide, as she has to take over Jesse's regular Sunday chores while blindfolded.

2003, 24 min

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