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Artsy Toronto Kid Swaps with B.C. Junior Forest Warden

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Edie, 13, is a funky, artsy city kid from Toronto. She sings opera, dances flamenco, and hangs out downtown with her mom, who's a hairstylist to TV stars! Cody, 14, is a kid from the Sunshine Coast of BC who is a Junior Forest Warden. He loves the outdoors and the natural beauty of the Rockies and Pacific Ocean.

The Swap: Watch as Edie visits BC for the first time and learns to preserve Canada's beautiful forest. She will go camping, tree planting, and canoeing, all while learning about safety, ecology and conservation. Meanwhile, Cody will be exploring Downtown Toronto, get a big city makeover, learn to flamenco dance, and sing in a performance of Puccini's Turandot at Edie's camp at the Canadian Opera Company. How will a city kid survive in the BC wilderness? How will a nature lover from small town BC survive in Toronto's funky arts community?

2003, 24 min

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