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Baffin Island Resident Swaps with Traveling Carnival Child

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Thirteen-year-old Virgil calls Iqaluit, Nunavut home. He speaks both English and Inuktitut and though he's interested in typical kid sports and hobbies, he also takes pride in his heritage. Virgil is an excellent traditional drummer and drum dancer and loves nothing more than to be out on Frobisher Bay in his father's boat. He's an expert on the area and its many natural wonders, often giving tours to the locals.

Kobi (10) and her family have run away and joined the carnival! The Gibbs operate a corn dog business and travel to different festivals all across Canada and the US in their motor home. Kobi even attends a special traveling school! Kobi works hard at school and the corn dog stand and contrary to what most kids would think, her down time is not spent riding the "Drop of Fear," but rather hanging out around the Conklin community with her classmates.

The Swap: Kobi, who has been practically everywhere in North America ventures up to the "Great White North." How will she face trying to throat sing, drum dance and eat local delicacies of frozen (i.e. fresh) caribou? Meanwhile, Virgil travels "South" to Toronto and the Canadian National Exhibition. He will get his first taste of corn dogs, and tackle his swap while preparing the perfect corn dog, running a game booth and riding the "Drop of Fear!"

2003, 24 min

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