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Conte de quartier

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A crazy day in a neighbourhood under reconstruction: seven characters and a rag doll are swept up in a dizzying chain of events. Drawing on everyday tabloid violence, Conte de quartier is a lively adventure at the crossroads of realism and fantasy. It owes its poetry and disturbing strangeness to an animation technique using paint, sand and a digital camera, highlighted by Denis Colin's subtle musical score and Olivier Calvert's sound design. The film is a fireworks display to light up audiences' imaginations. A film without words.

2006, 15 min 36 s

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Award for Hand-painted film
London International Animation Festival - LIAF
August 21 to 26 2007, London - England

Silver Dove Award given by the International Jury for Animated film - with a cash prize of 2,000Euros (ex-aequo with JEU by Geoges Schwizgebel)
International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
October 30 to November 5 2006, Leipzig - Germany

Special Mention for its originality and artistic quality
International Film Festival
May 17 to 28 2006, Cannes - France