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Welcome to Nunavut (With Commercial Breaks)

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This film travels above the treeline for an intimate visit with six northern characters during four frenzied days at the birth of Nunavut--Canada's newest territory. A delightfully frank and often funny portrait of the inherent drama and conflicts of key people who are all furiously working towards a day that will go down in history. Maybe it's too much too soon. Maybe it's too little too late. Meet people with both views. Some are Inuit who've lived in the Arctic all their lives, while others came for a while and somehow never left: from the newly elected Inuk premier to an ex-Montrealer beautician, from an old-guard politician to an up-and-coming Inuk rock star. Welcome to Nunavut is narrated by Abe Tagalik, chairman of the newly licenced Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), and features Paul Okalik, Sytukie Joamie, Suzanne Laliberté, Lucie Idlout, Bryan Pearson and Bert Rose.

1999, 39 min 31 s