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Qallunaanik Piusiqsiuriniq

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In the spring of 2005 renowned Qallunologists from around the world gathered for the first-ever Qallunaat Studies Conference. Qallunaanik Piusiqsiuriniq is the record of that historic event.

The conference was hosted by the Qallunaat Studies Institute. The director of the Institute, Mammarialuk, acted as chair. He allowed that the following terminology for Qallunaat would be recognized by the conference: Kudluna, Kabloona, Kodlunarn, Kabloonack, Kaduna, Qablunaat and Naluarmiit (and Alaskan term meaning "bleached white").

The agenda was a full one and included fascinating papers on the following topics: Kai-Kai on Qallunaat Greetings; Nutaraaqjuk on Qallunaat Tribes, Social Structures and Naming Systems (including a technical presentation on the Qallunizer 2000); Ittupasaaq on Qallunaat Knowledge of Things They Have Never Seen; Mammarialuk on Civilized Savagery; Niaqunnguak on Qallunaat: People of the Clock; Sijjariaq on A Proposed Voyage of Discovery and Assimilation to Europe; and Tarralik-Qunngaatallurittuq on The Department of Qallunaat Affairs' New Q-Number System.

2007, 47 min 13 s

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