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The Dark Side of the White Lady - DVD/Le côté obscur de la Dame Blanche - DVD/El Lado Obscuro de la Dama Blanca - DVD

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The Esmeralda is one of the most beautiful sailing vessels in the world. A symbol of national pride, she is the Chilean navy's training vessel. But behind the gleaming facade of the White Lady, as she is affectionately known to Chileans, lies a troubled past. Following the 1973 coup d'État, she was used as a floating prison. Thirty years later, the victims of the dictatorship are demanding justice. How could such horrors emerge from a thing of such beauty? Patricio Henriquez seeks to unravel the lies told for "reasons of state." The Dark Side of the White Lady is at once a task of memory and a fascinating journey to the heart of Valparaiso, a city that holds all the contradictions of the Chilean soul.

2007, 105 min 14 s