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mobiDOCS: Confessions in a Digital Age

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Ten filmmakers. Two continents. BLT4WIRELESS. mobiDOCS: Confessions in a Digital Age features ten 2-minute shorts created for mobile, online, TV and cinema. Five filmmakers from Canada and five from Australia share their takes on confessions in an experimental new series covering relationships, nature and technology. This series is a co-production with Film Australia and the National Film Board of Canada, one of the countrys’ leaders in mobile films.

Writer/Director Peter Mettler Producer Lea Marin

Can you break your attachment to the modern world? Set to a series of breathtaking images shot in Costa Rica, Away reflects on the dichotomy of nature versus technology.

Begging for Change
Director Dave Jones Writer Fin Edquist Producer Jessica Beirne
based on the stencil art of Meek

A man walks out of the stencilled street art and into a surreal journey inside an animated city, challenging everyone to offer more than "spare" change.

Country Song
Writer/Director Warwick Thornton Producer Darren Dale

An Aboriginal man reflects on communication the old way. But times have changed and this old man now has a new way!

Crossed Wires
Writer/Director Elida Schogt Producer Lea Marin

In Crossed Wires a young traveller wants to share all the new sights and sounds with someone left behind. Old technology dial tones collide with text messages in an array of stunning images taken in Varanasi, India.

Emission Admission
Writer/Director Sarah Lazarovic Producer Lea Marin

In this animated film an eco-friendly couple in the early stages of courtship "come clean" on some of their idiosyncrasies and discover that they are perfect for each other.

I've Never Had Sex
Director Robert Kennedy Producer Lea Marin

How much are you prepared to reveal? Based upon the arcade game of the same name in which participants are required to either agree or disagree with the proposition "I've Never Had Sex..."

Marree Man
Writer/Director David Batty Producer Jeni McMahon

Discovered in 1988, Marree Man in Central Australia is the largest land drawing in the world, but no one knows who created it - or do they?

Writer/Director Hubert Davis Producer Silva Basmajian

We only confess the truth when the past catches up with us. Truth, by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hubert Davis, is about the disconnection between two people who once knew each other intimately.

Writer/Director Tania Yuki Producer Peter Butt

SMS is quick, easy, sometimes sexy and always to the point. But it is also the modern, surgical way to dump a lover. Mobile savvy singles reval their views on the 'textiquette' of modern love.

What Did I Do?
Writer/Director/Animator Bruce Petty Producer Sam Petty

Academy Award-winning animator Bruce Petty asks: How do you confess you are stuck? A human is challenged to account for the use he has made of a most amazing piece of organic engineering - himself.

2007, 28 min 23 s

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