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Environment Awareness Package - Elementary School

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This set includes the following:

Arctic Mission - An Interactive Adventure, a quiz game which will encourage children 9 to 12 to learn more about the impact of climate change. The object of this interactive game, which can be played at home or at school, is to go on a northern adventure to save the polar bear by answering questions about the Arctic environment. The answers are found in the film clips provided, all taken from the Arctic Mission series.

Climate Change, an educational video for young people, ages 11-12 which teaches young people how to protect the environment through energy conservation.

Water Detectives, an engaging and empowering short documentary which teaches Grade 4 to 7 students that their local conservation efforts can have far-reaching results. The lesson is made concrete through the experience of youth in Matamoros, Mexico, where a severe water shortage led the city to take the unusual step of putting local children in charge of changing adult attitudes and habits.

2007, 99 min 32 s

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