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Mind Me Good Now! - DVD/Fais bien attention! - DVD

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Childhood is a land we all share. But when Guyana, Trinidad, Mozambique and Canada pool their talents, the land is pure enchantment.

"Mind Me Good Now!" is an animated folktale about Tina and Dalby. When the two children disobey their mama, the consequences are almost tragic. However, Tina's resourcefulness and cunning outwit the wicked cacoya and send them running back into their mama's forgiving arms. Author Lynette Comissiong draws her tale from generations of Trinidadian storytellers. Their stories have built-in moral values to help guide the children. "Mind Me Good Now!", with its brilliant colours, Caribbean flavour and African score, serves up a useful lesson in bright wrappings - multicultural style.

"Mind Me Good Now!" is part of the NFB's Talespinners 2. Like the eight films in the first Talespinners collection, this second set of films is for children age 5 to 9. Vibrant animation brings tales from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen. Talespinners 2 includes four original stories and three inspired by books.

2007, 08 min 15 s

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