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The Girl Who Hated Books - DVD/La fille qui détestait les livres - DVD

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Books are everywhere in Meena's house - in cupboards, drawers and even piled up the stairs! Her parents love to read but Meena never even opens a book! When her cat Max accidentally knocks down a huge stack of books, heroes, heroines and animals with attitude come to life and pandemonium reigns. Meena finds a unique solution to get the characters back in the books, and nothing, as they say, is the same after that. Based on the story by Manjusha Pawagi.

The Girl Who Hated Books is part of the NFB's Talespinners 2. Like the eight films in the first Talespinners collection, this second set of films is for children age 5 to 9. Vibrant animation brings tales from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen. Talespinners 2 includes four original stories and three inspired by books.

2007, 07 min 21 s