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Asthma Tech - DVD

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Filmmaker Jonathan Ng turns the notion of “otherness” on its head in his animation film; Asthma Tech. In this semi-autobiographical whimsy, young Winston is burdened by the hardships of chronic asthma and isn’t able to participate in the everyday activities of his peers and classmates. Winston copes with the predicament through his vivid imagination and with paper and crayons, and on one particularly rainy afternoon his talents and skills save the day. Winston discovers that the magic of imagination has the power to bridge, transform and empower.

Asthma Tech is part of the NFB's Talespinners 2. Like the eight films in the first Talespinners collection, this second set of films is for children age 5 to 9. Vibrant animation brings tales from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen. Talespinners 2 includes four original stories and three inspired by books.

2007, 07 min 09 s