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Maq and the Spirit of the Woods - DVD/Maq et l'Esprit de la forêt - DVD

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Maq and the Spirit of the Woods is the story of Maq, a young Mi'gmaq boy who learns a valuable lesson through the help of inconspicuous mentors. When an elder in his community offers him a small piece of pipestone, Maq decides to carve a little person out of it. With hopes of impressing his grandfather with his creation, Maq journeys through the woods to find him. Along his path he meets a curious traveller named Mi'gmwesu, and together they share stories, medicine, laughter, skill and song. The boy begins to care less about making an impression and more about sharing the knowledge and spirit he's found through his carving. It is only when Maq joins his grandfather that he understands who Mi'gmwesu really is.

Maq and the Spirit of the Woods is part of the NFB's Talespinners 2. Like the eight films in the first Talespinners collection, this second set of films is for children age 5 to 9. Vibrant animation brings tales from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen. Talespinners 2 includes four original stories and three inspired by books.

2007, 08 min 29 s