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Nomad's Land

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They're civilians, yet the military runs their lives. By marrying a member of the Armed Forces, these women inherited a lifestyle they hadn't necessarily chosen. When her husband joined the Air Force, filmmaker Claire Corriveau discovered a singular world where everything was subordinate to the needs of the Canadian Forces, to the detriment of family life. Her first film, Nomad's Land, powerfully depicts the hard existence of military wives.

Isolated, often lonely, forced to move repeatedly, they have little control over their lives. Despite activist Lucie Laliberté's brave battle against the military establishment in the 1980s and her refusal to give in to its threats, military spouses today are just as vulnerable. This explosive documentary reminds us that they are the first collateral damage of an institution that, without their sacrifices and backstage work, would be unable to deploy its operations. Their unsung contributions come at a high personal price. In French with English subtitles.

2007, 52 min

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