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The Final Mission: The Story of the U-190

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It is the final months of the Second World War, and German submarine forces are faced with the overwhelming superiority of the Allies. Despite heavy casualties, the U-boat crews keep on fighting. Some vessels even venture along the North American coastline. A few weeks before the end of the conflict, one of these ships, the U-190, is outside Halifax, Nova Scotia, looking for enemy vessels.

On April 16, 1945, the U-190 torpedoes the Canadian minesweeper HMCS Esquimalt, which rapidly sinks. Dozens of men fight for survival in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Out of 71 crew members, 44 will perish.

The men of the U-190 do everything in their power to escape the Canadian Navy and try to reach their Norwegian base of operations. But the war is nearing its end and the U-190 crew, worried bout the fate of both their country and loved ones, anxiously await the outcome of their final mission.

2006, 47 min 10 s