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Faith Without Fear - DVD

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In Faith Without Fear we join Irshad Manji, bestselling author of The Trouble with Islam Today, on a journey to reconcile her faith in Allah with her love of freedom. Inspired by the Qur'an, she calls on her fellow Muslims to stop blaming others and seeks to discover how Muslims can change for the 21st century.

In Yemen, Manji sits down with a former Bin Laden bodyguard who hopes for martyrdom for his son. In the Netherlands, she meets former politician and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose work critical of Islam led to the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic extremist. And in Spain, she reclaims ijtihad - Islam's ancient tradition of independent thinking and vibrant debate.

In an era in which Islam is often portrayed as harsh and violent, and Muslims as fanatics, Faith Without Fear offers a complex inquiry into one of the world's great religions, from the perspective of a woman who is dissenting, yet deeply engaged with her faith.

2007, 84 min 25 s

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