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Spare Change

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In 2002, singer-songwriter Laurie Gordon approached animator Ryan Larkin to do some drawings for her band's video. The two became friends and, later, Larkin began to develop a series of ideas for a film, based on, in his own words, "comical experiences I've had during my many years as a 'panhandler' in Montreal." The film, Spare Change, was completed by Gordon and a team of dedicated young animators following Larkin's death in 2007.

Spare Change is a surreal journey through Larkin's own powerful and ultimately liberating imagination. A street beggar, Astral Pan (voiced by Larkin), takes us from the sidewalks of a wintry Montreal day to the gates of heaven and hell and back. The film features original works by Larkin, including character drawings, flip book animations from earlier in his career and several of Larkin's own paintings.

2008, 07 min 05 s

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