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A License to Remember - Special Edition - Disc 2/Un certain souvenir - Édition spéciale - Disque 2

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Quebec license plates don't sport cutesy tourist slogans like "Canada's Ocean Playground" or "Land of Living Skies." Instead, they draw attention to the past with "Je me souviens" (I remember), a motto that cuts to the heart of Quebec history and society.

To find out just what "Je me souviens" means to Quebecers, director Thierry Le Brun sets off across the province, license plate in hand and meets a cast of characters with wildly differing views. The results are illuminating, entertaining and often very funny.

This Special Edition, completely bilingual, two-DVD set contains the original film along with in-depth interviews with prominent Quebec artists, historians and politicians on the very tricky question of what it means to be a Quebecer.

Disc Two: Interviews with Kenneth Deer, Dale Dione, Loco Locass, Denis Vaugeois, Régine Robin, René-Daniel Dubois, Pierre Falardeau, Gil Courtemenche and Guy Paiement (70 min). Subtitled in French and English.

2007, 70 min

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