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Mobile Stories: Obsessions

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ARE YOU OBSESSED? iThentic and the National Film Board of Canada proudly present Mobile Stories: a collective, narrative-based, online and mobile storytelling experience.

The Ascent of Man
By art work by Bruce McCall with animation by Smiley Guy Studios 2:46 minutes

Bruce McCall’s May 14, 2007 cover of The New Yorker is about man’s obsession with progress and technology. The artwork features an ape on a rock who evolves into a caveman, an Egyptian, a soldier etc. and along with these evolutions come the technologies of each new civilization. However, when man evolves into his current reality, the escalator simply drops him off into nowhere. McCall’s original art is animated by Toronto’s Smiley Guy Studios.

By Renuka Jeyapalan 4:04 minutes

Unbeknownst to one another, a journalist and a young woman share a flight. In a hurry to get to their hotels, they grab each other’s luggage by mistake. Instead of calling the airport and reporting the problem, they get carried away by the mystery behind the contents of the suitcases. Obsessively, they examine each item and make wild assumptions about the owner. Finally, the tension breaks when the woman calls the journalist. Or does she?

Dirty Trick
By Malcolm Clarke 4:30 minutes

Mikey stands at the bank teller wicket, anxiously watching as the teller speaks to her manager. He braces himself as she returns, obsessing over what could be wrong. They do the last thing he expects, and it suddenly makes sense; this is the friendliest bank in town.

By Hubert Davis 3:12 minutes

A grown man transports himself in a vivid memory. He is a 10 year-old boy living in the country with a father struggling with depression and alcohol. Feeling helpless and hopeless, the boy becomes obsessed with trying to escape. He looks up and sees an airplane. In that moment he realizes that he can escape his pain, even if for now, it can only be through his imagination.

By Apeman888 3:34 minutes

A man is obsessed with losing his hair. He experiences five distinct stages, the same stages anyone experiences when they deal with loss. They include: denial, anger, miracle cures, grief and acceptance. Women shun him because of his thinning hair, strangers judge him as suspicious and untrustworthy because of his “skinhead”, and drug companies prey on his insecurities. But in the end, it’s the bald guy who has the last laugh.

Wish You Were Here
By Shui-bo Wang 3:00 minutes

A love triangle with a twist. Melissa is a young woman from Shanghai living in Montreal. For the last two years she has been obsessed with her old boyfriend, Ming. She writes to him every day. But her letters never get answered. Thomas is in love with Melissa, but he can’t seem to get through to her. He finally finds out why.

2008, 21 min 06 s