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Rose & Violet

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Circus Igor has recruited a pair of new acrobats: Conjoined twins Rose and Violet. With their shared arm, the sisters whirl, twirl and fly in the footlights under the big top. They seem bound for glory, but when the world’s strongest man joins the troupe, things get complicated. A performance turns to disaster and the unthinkable happens: Rose and Violet are separated. But the accident doesn’t spell the end of their delirious acrobatic adventures. After a mad chase with twists and danger at every turn, the twins again find themselves face to face. Will they be able to overcome the jealousy that has come between them? In the strange yet engaging world of Rose & Violet, life can be cruel—but chickens play guitar, dogs dance the polka and people who love each other always get together in the end. Filmmakers Luc Otter and Claude Grosch employ a clever combination of 2D and digital cut-outs and clay animation in their exploration of the circus realm.


2011, 26 min 21 s

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Jury Award- Best Animation
Dam Short Film Festival
February 7 to 10 2013, Boulder - USA

Best Mid-Length Animation
Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE
July 16 to 21 2012, Montevideo - Uruguay

Best Animation Film
Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis
March 9 2012, Mondorf-les-Baies - Luxembourg

Best Animation
FIN Kids
April 12 to 16 2011, Halifax - Canada

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