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Milosevic on Trial (Part 1)

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For the first time since World War II, a former head of state is being indicted before an international tribunal. With Slobodan Milosevic in court in The Hague we are now witnessing the biggest war crimes trial since Nuremberg. This documentary will follow the people on both sides of case IT-02-54 - Slobodan Milosevic until all proceedings are over - on one hand the key figures at the Tribunal in the Hague Mrs. Carla Del Ponte and Mr Geoffrey Nice and on the other, his closest advisers from Belgrade Zdenko Tomanovic and Dragoslav Ognjanovic. The time-line of the film is the court. As in any drama, the action inside the public courtroom reflects only a fraction of labyrinth of activity behind the scenes and this film will give a unique insight into the huge operation that has put Milosevic in the dock but which still has to convict him. We will follow the "journey" our characters undoubtedly will have during the trial. The style is observational, intimate and will be combined with interviews.

2007, 57 min 16 s