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Dehors novembre

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Outside, it's November. Through the open window, a bedridden figure coughs. The last fruit falls from a tree. It is grabbed by a rat, which is caught by a cat. The cat is run over by a car. A john gets out and approaches a hooker. A junkie slumped against the tree, picks up a syringe. Death is omnipresent. The pimp slips the hooker her drugs, takes her money. The junkie begs the pimp for a fix; the pimp knocks him into the gutter. Helped up by the hooker, the junkie hits her and steals her purse. Inside the room, the figure coughs. On the bedside table, pills and a harmonica. Inside, it's November. In French with English subtitles.

2005, 06 min 53 s

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Golden Shield Movie Squad HAFF Award
Holland Animation Film Festival
November 1 to 5 2006, Utrecht - Netherlands

Jutra Award Best Animated Film
Gala Québec Cinéma
March 19 2006, Montréal - Canada

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