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Léonard Forest, Film Maker and Poet

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In Léonard Forest, cinéaste et poète, a French-speaking pioneer of Canadian cinema talks about his life as poet and filmmaker, fifty years after his made his first film. This documentary by Rodolphe Caron is both portrait and self portrait, showing an Acadian artist who expresses his thoughts with intelligence and humility. We meet an avant-garde filmmaker who dared put women and artists in the limelight, and who offered a panoramic vision of contemporary Acadia. In French with English subtitles.

2006, 52 min 20 s

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Siver Wave Awards for Best New Brunswick Documentary
Silver Wave Film Festival
November 8 to 12 2006, Fredericton - Canada

La Vague Film Zone Award - Best Acadian Film
International Francophone Film Festival in Acadie
September 15 to 22 2006, Moncton - Canada