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Anne Trister

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Anne Trister, a young Swiss Jewish artist, is profoundly affected by the death of her father. After quitting school, she leaves Switzerland for Quebec to visit her friend Alix, a psychologist to whom she becomes attracted. Through her work, Alix has developed an emotional bond with Sarah, a rebellious child with an enormous need to be loved. Detached from the world around her, Anne takes over a vacant studio to paint a giant fresco and throws herself into a series of fleeting and impulsive affairs.

1986, 102 min 26 s

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Genie Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography (Pierre Mignot)
Genie Awards
March 18 1987, Toronto - Canada

Best Actress Award (Louise Marleau) / Public's Prize - with a cash prize of 10,000FF
Festival international de films de Femmes
March 14 to 23 1986, Créteil - France

Third Prize given by the Berliner Morgenpost Readers' Jury
International Film Festival
February 14 to 25 1986, Berlin - Germany