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400th Anniversary of Quebec - The Castle Chronicles.../400ième anniversaire de Québec, Vu du Château...

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A tresure chest of visual archives taken from the NFB rich cultural heritage, this amazing collector's DVD box set will undoubtedly become the foremost commemorative testimony of Quebec City's 400th Anniversary.

The 9 hours of viewing included in the 400th Anniversary of Quebec - The Castle Chronicles... make this DVD box set a unique collector's item. Its distinct approach, relevant historical content and originality will please all viewers.

In addition to the NFB documents, discover the original production of The Castle Chronicles... The Tell-Tale Ghost - 1608 to 2008, a previously unreleased inspiring recollection of several eras and historical events making the fabric of Quebec City's rich history.

The 400th Anniversary of Quebec DVD box set, a priceless must-have collector's box set edition!

2008, 523 min

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