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Hope for the Future

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Armed with their video cameras, 32 students from across Canada travel to the Balkans seeking that often elusive goal, to make the world a more peaceful place.

Hope for the Future is a documentary that records the journey of these young people and their teachers to Belgrade, Serbia. Inspired by the documentary Teaching Peace in a Time of War, students from Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Quebec formed Students for Teaching Peace and set out on a mission to spend their March break doing something meaningful: to connect with other youth and attend a peace conference.

Several digital video cameras were acquired, along with tape and some hasty instruction. Filmmakers Teresa MacInnes and Kent Nason accompanied the students to Serbia and captured their spirit and the many emotional moments encountered by these youth, recording them, as they record each other, along with their Serbian hosts.

These are ordinary young people from ordinary parts of Canada experiencing a time in their lives they will never forget. By making this journey together and examining their reactions, expressing their feelings with diary cams and journals and encouraging Serbian children with their joyful positive nature, these young people offered hope and relief to the children they met. In return, the youth from Canada go home with more awareness of the world and a little more determination to make a difference.

2006, 44 min 11 s