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Liberty, USA

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In the United States, it feels like all highways lead to places with the same name – more than 200 towns and counties named Liberty.  While many of these places were founded on a common notion of “liberty”, over time, it has become many things to many people.

Liberty, USA takes us on a journey to the core of America’s most celebrated value as we travel to six different towns named “Liberty”.  The cast of memorable characters we meet on the way all struggle with issues that lie at the centre of how they define their freedom in the 21st century – issues that range from illegal immigration and teen sexuality to religious tolerance and racism.

Interwoven with surprising and sometimes quirky archival material, director Alan Handel’s insightful road trip uncovers the many meanings and embodiments of a nation’s founding value at a historical place in time.



2008, 70 min 39 s

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