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Northern Greetings - DVD/Des nouvelles du nord - DVD

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Radisson is a town created by a public corporation for the sole purpose of housing the thousands of workers who came to James Bay to build the massive hydroelectric power station. When the work was completed, most of the workers left the North, but some stayed on, sometimes for decades.

Nearby is the Cree village of Chisasibi whose people have been trying to reconcile modern life with their traditions, but the younger generation finds it hard to resist the siren call of the South. Some of Radisson's residents also feel the tug, forever wondering whether they should stay or go, while others find innovative ways of making the town their home and perhaps their final resting place.

Northern Greetings highlights the challenges facing these two similar yet different worlds, and their warm and colourful inhabitants.

2009, 92 min 44 s