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To Oedipus, women are an enigma. Why, with her bothersome husband finally out of the way, did his mistress inexplicably run off? Don’t lose your head, thinks Oedipus. Just try to understand.  And so the valiant young milkman embarks on an introspective journey, a process of self-discovery and regression in which he retraces the path of his life. 

Parodying the Greek myth, and throwing in a bunch of well-known NFB animated characters for good measure, director Paul Driessen offers up a backwards tragicomic version of the classic tale. Oedipus is Driessen at his absurdist best.

2011, 13 min 18 s

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Prize RTP2: Onda Curta
International Animated Film Festival / CINANIMA
November 7 to 13 2011, Espinho - Portugal

Best Script
ANIMAGE- International Animation Festival of Pernambuco
September 30 to October 7 2011, Recife - Brazil