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Marie Hélène Allain Speaking with Stone

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Marie Hélène Allain, nun and professional artist, sculpts stone into sensual works of palpable life force. She regards everything as spiritually related and communes with God as she does with stone, her sculptures revealing the private, almost sacred relationship between artist and medium. We discover how her career began and how she united her spirituality with her art, without sacrificing the quality and intensity of one in favour of the other. Via interviews with Marie Hélène Allain and readings from her diary, this documentary by Rodolphe Caron introduces us to a steadfast, wise and generous New Brunswick artist.

2008, 52 min

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Jury Special Mention for Music (Claude Fournier)
International Francophone Film Festival in Acadie
September 24 to October 4 2008, Moncton - Canada