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A Memory Forgotten: A Generation Sacrificed

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Martine Duviella's parents were forced to flee Haiti during the Duvalier regime. In this short film, the filmmaker recounts the story of her activist father and through him tries to retrieve the forgotten past of a generation that sacrificed itself trying to free Haiti.

In a café in the Côte-des-Neiges district of Montreal, she collects stories of Haitian exiles. Painful events resurface. A writer friend of her father, a former prison mate, recounts the political climate under repression. Later, during a meal at the home of Jacques Duviella's widow, young people explain why their generation avoids the subject of Haiti: they are largely unaware of what has happened in this chaotic country.

The stories must be told. Today's young people can help change the face of Haiti. The cause isn’t lost!

This documentary short was produced as part of the Tremplin program, which enables young Francophone filmmakers outside Quebec to make a first production in a professional context.

2008, 23 min 50 s

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