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Mysteries in the Archives: 1927 Lindbergh's Atlantic Crossing

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Dawn on Friday May 20, 1927. A small airplane takes off from a Long Island field – the plane so overburdened with fuel that it flies, at best, with difficulty. The night owls are out to applaud the take off before going home to bed. 

In several days, the young timid pilot, Charles Lindbergh, is a hero. He had crossed the Atlantic in 33 hours and 30 minutes without stopping to refuel. New York to Paris, non-stop. A veritable exploit. But was it enough to justify the craze that overtook newsreel companies, captains of industry and finance in France, Belgium and England?  Everyone fought for the attention of the young, smiling Charles Lindbergh. 

Day after day, his adventure takes over the media and press. Soon, his image is seen everywhere. Why such fever? Why such passion for Lindbergh? What does the footage shot during his stay reveal?  

2007, 26 min 28 s