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Mysteries in the Archives: 1954 Marilyn Monroe in Korea

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Two weeks after their wedding in San Francisco, Marilyn Monroe and baseball icon Joe DiMaggio set off for Japan. On their honeymoon? Pre-season training for Japanese baseball teams begins in January. DiMaggio’s arrival in Tokyo with his new bride impassions both baseball and movie fans.

After two weeks, Marilyn leaves for Korea to sing for 100,000 GIs still stationed along the border between the communist North and capitalist South. During her four-day singing tour, moving from camp to camp by helicopter, she’s filmed by military cameramen. Did she really interrupt her honeymoon? Why sing “Do it Again” and “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the Army and Marine camps? And what does the footage shot during the tour reveal about Hollywood’s latest mega-star?

2008, 26 min 16 s

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