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Vive la Rose - DVD

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Vive la rose is the moving tale of a tragic love story set in Newfoundland. When illness takes the woman he loves, a simple man raises his voice in melancholy song as a last farewell. The film, based on a song by local musician Émile Benoit, is anchored in a beautiful, remote corner of the province, and pays homage to its land, sea and the harsh lives of the local fishermen. 

Director Bruce Alcock finds the ideal setting for the song’s raw emotion: a fisherman’s abandoned cabin. In this spectacular animation filmed out of doors, items familiar to those who live by the sea – fish hooks, shells, driftwood, rocks – lend the film amazing texture, an unusual physicality to match the rough voice and singular language of Émile Benoit. 

The love song that is Vive la rose embraces an innovative structure, dividing the screen into the three compartments of a drawer. Each fulfills a separate narrative function and mirrors an aspect of the song. Our emotional involvement intensifies as the music becomes more complex, carried by the fluid, generous animation, until death unites everything. The woman returns to the earth and the film to the sea.

2009, 24 min 57 s

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