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Humanima, the Series (Disc 1)/Humanima - Série (Disque 1)

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The documentary series Humanima invites you to discover the fascinating men and women who are in touch with animals, nature and the environment. The first disc in a package of 4 DVDs includes the following episodes:

A Falconer for Life
Carl Millier has been practicing the art of falconry for several years. Fascinated by birds of prey, he breeds them and trains them to perform some amazing feats like ensuring aircraft safety at airports. Carl Millier helps us discover what magnificent birds these raptors really are, and prompts us to reflect on the deplorable attitude people often have towards them.

In Sync with the Great Whales
In 1986, during her medical internship in the Gaspé Peninsula, Janie Giard discovered whales. It was love at first sight. Ever since, she has lived in sync with the great whales, dividing her time between her work as a doctor and her research on these gigantic yet fragile marine mammals.

The Calls of the Wild
Maryo Pépin developed his great passion for animals when he was very young. From the age of ten on, he began to drop out of regular school, opting instead for the school of life. He would spend his days studying animal behaviour and imitating their calls. Today, this self-taught man has put his vast experience to use making animal-calls that are lifelike reproductions of animal sounds.

A New Set of Wings
Guy Fitzgerald has dedicated his life to sheltering, treating and rehabilitating birds of prey. Every year, hundreds of injured and orphaned birds of prey are brought to his clinic in St. Hyacinthe, Québec. His sole purpose is to heal them so they can be released back into the wild. That’s what Guy Fitzgerald’s commitment is all about.

2009, 96 min

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